Try having a Drum Your Dream Corporate Drum Circle Team Building experience for your corporation, business, company function, or any group that wants to learn to work together more effectively.  Not only is it fun, but drum circles are an excellent activity for any group, and for all ages. But especially as a tool for team building. Letting people express themselves through drumming and then seeing how that can build to a musical performance is at the heart of team oneCapitol One Financial Services
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Corporate Team Building
“We loved the event.  It was a great success! Thanks again.”
Candace Davis, Vice President, Chief Counsel, at Capital One Financial  Card

Drumming has been around for thousands of years. Virtually every culture on earth has a history of community drumming being used to unify the group.  Different cultures produced different instruments and rhythms. Your company is a microcosm culture that can use the same approach to unify the group and improve their interactions, resulting in improved productivity.

Learning to let go of self involvement in order to synchronize with others is the essence. Not everyone can or will play the drums the same way, just as they don’t do their jobs exactly the same way. And those slight differences, if done from each person’s strengths, are what make the musical result magical. People learn that playing/working together is something that is its own reward because the results are beyond what any individual can do. 

Team building Drum Circles can be extremely effective for companies that want to enhance the generation of new ideas and better team work. When people discover that they can collectively produce a good sound without any musical training or background, they start to realize that they can be more effective at work by putting their heads together and working as a team.

For many years, companies have strive to implement the concepts of empowering employees to find and implement better ways of accomplishing work processes. Deming, one of the world’s foremost authorities on quality assurance and employee productivity, was also one of the first to recognize the fact that it is the employee working at the lowest level who knows the most about how to improve the flow of work. The stumbling block has always been how to convince workers to speak up and propose changes and then find ways to make those changes happen to achieve optimal results.  Drum circles provide a unique and highly effective solution to this quandary.

Future Billionaires Club

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“You rock Arthur.  It was a totally out of the box experience and our team loved it.”  Courtney Rollins Zawisa, President of Billionaires Club

The Drum Your Dream team building is one in which the participants are encouraged to improvise within the rhythm structure provided by the facilitator. It is a direct parallel to the team improvising solutions to the group of tasks that the team needs to accomplish. Drumming immediately reduces stress and breaks down barriers between the participants. The process then brings the group back together in a nonverbal form of team interaction. The group learns how to listen to what is going on and responds to it in a way that adds to the total product. Once people do this in a setting that is fun, they can then carry it back to their regular work tasks, resulting in better communications and increased effectiveness.

“Thank you so much for making the trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Everyone had a great time, worked up some positive energy, and are ready to do it again!  Our program was for exhausted and depleted full-time caregivers and several commented that your program rejuvenated them and they felt that they had been on vacation for the day. They had fun!!  Great program!”                     Ellie Galloway  Regional Director, Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck Alzheimer’s Association Greater Richmond Chapter 

We also do Drum Circles for Management Retreats and Corporate Events: Conference Openings, Ice Breaker,  Award Ceremonies, Grand Openings, Product Launches and Retreats, etc. 

Pricing varies dependent upon pre-production time, distance to location, number of participants,  length of event time, multiple sessions in the same day,  and if we create gift giveaways with your logo.

 Gift Giveaways and Specialty Products at Addition cost – We can design specialty products with your logo to commemorate this special Team  Building Experience  for them to have long after the event is over.  Price is dependent on product: like egg shakers, drums, cups, tee shirts, baseball caps and jackets.  We can also create a banner for this event to display on that day.

Please go to our Contact Page and submit your request for your Team Building Experience.  Be sure to include the date, location, number of participants, inside or outside and if there will be more than one session in the same day or multiple days.