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bongos[1] Hampton Roads   Private Hand Drum percussion Instructor for djembe, conga, bongo and cajon lessons. At my studio or your home.

Great for beginners  Come treat yourself to an absolutely incredible opportunity to learn. You will gain valuable knowledge, skills, techniques, grooves and rhythms with immediate practical application.

Arthur has taught in the Hampton Road Area, the art of Hand Drumming for relaxation, fun, musicality and spiritual awakening. Each person has rhythm inside of them. I help you find your inner rhythms to play with everyone. My specialty is helping you build confidence to play for yourself and with everyone in a Drum Circle.

Call and schedule an appt. with me 757-768-5689 or  email me: arthur@DrumYourDream.com

You can fill out a request here at my  Contact  page

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The first step in your development as a drummer is to establish good motion.
Knowing how to contact the drum to produce the different tones, proper body position for hands, arms, elbows, and feet when playing is the key to enjoying your instrument fully. When done right you will produce an efficient and relaxed playing style. You will gain valuable knowledge, skills, techniques, grooves and rhythms with immediate practical application. I will teach you important music concepts about Improvising.

Course Goals:
* Learn to sit and hold a Djembe.
* Learn to use a hand drum to make 3 basic sounds, bass, tone, slap.
* Learn to start and stop with a signal and learn the language of the music.
* Learn to listen to and watch basic rhythms played and play back those basic rhythms.
* Learn to relax while playing.
* Learn and practice numerous warm up exercises that you can use at home.
* Learn rudiments and hand techniques that will greatly improve your sound and stamina.
* Learn to hear and feel the music while playing.
* Learn Call and response to improve timing.
* Learn to have fun while playing!

Hand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum LessonsHand Drum Lessons


By James Johnson For Joys of Djembe playing.
Arthur is such a wonderful hand drum instructor; I only wish I had started with him in the very beginning. I say this because it is now harder to unlearn the incorrect way that I was playing all these years, before he showed me how to play correctly. I can now get all the different sounds out of my drum and sound really good. Also, my hands don’t hurt like they use to. He approaches each lesson with enthusiasm and humor. It makes learning a lot easier. I have had some other instructors and Arthur is by far the best. I don’t usually write reviews for anyone but I was inspired to do so in this case.

By Doc Ricks For Drum Circle Drumming for the beginner.
VERY REFRESHING! I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson with Art Lopez! I feel more confident than ever! I look forward to the day that I participate in a drum circle for the first time!

By Colleen Wittig for Beginner Hand Drumming

I just wanted to take a second and tell you again how much I loved the lesson yesterday!!!!! Thanks so much….it was great fun and I learned a TON already. . …you are a fun instructor with a lot of knowledge and your love for the drum is apparent.

By Clarice Mota on for Beginner Hand Drumming on djembes, congas and other instruments
Arthur is very persistent on teaching the right way to hit the drum and one can feel confident that he will not allow you to make a mistake. He has the right approach and I have been able to develop a playing technique much faster than the last time I had drumming lessons (not from him, of course).


 Lessons At My Studio as low as $35 for half hour and $45. for One hour. 

Lessons at your Home One hour starting at $65 hr.

Discount on multiple lessons paid in advance.

One hour sessions as early as 9am till as late as 8pm

Call for questions or to make an appointment: 757-768-5689

Email : Arthur@DrumYourDream.com

The film shows how learning music helps you with your every day life.