Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are turning to corporate wellness programs at work to improve their employees’ health as well as their own bottom line.  It’s a win-win situation, and the cycle feeds itself – when employees are healthy and happy, their productivity goes up, which means reducing turnover costs for the company, and potentially earning them more money.


Corporate drum circles and rhythm-based events are now not only for team-building, but also encouraging personal wellness.  Drumming is a natural way to get people to unplug, because you can’t hold your phone while playing a drum (and you most certainly can’t talk on a phone over the joyful noise of the drumming).  Also, drumming provides such a mental workout that your brain naturally puts aside those anxious or scattered thoughts and to-do lists, and focuses on the task at hand.

Drumming for stress reduction/resiliencyCorporateDrumCirclesTeamBuilding.comDrumming for stress reduction/resiliency, where drum circles allow employees to engage and play/share during the middle of the work day in a fun environment. The benefits include increased productivity and employee health. Typical play times are 30 to 60 minutes. 

Drumming is a fun, physical activity that can distract you from whatever is bothering you. It can even be meditative and induce a relaxing mental state. Stepping away from a tense situation and drumming for a while may be just what you need to feel mentally able to tackle a problem head on.

Drumming for creativity & problem solving in the workplace. This is an issue in the workplace that is not well understood, where strategies range between compartmentalizing challenges to brain storming sessions. Ultimately, there are two primary forms of problem solving: 1) analytical or comparative reasoning, and 2) free-thinking where methods are employed to free up worker’s minds. The benefits include increased problem solving ability thru retraining of the mind. Typical play times are 60 to 90 minutes.

Wellness Drumming at Langley Air Force Base“The drum session class was very invigorating and extremely fun!  The class allowed you to express yourself through the use of a djembe drum of which I had never played before.  The instructor was very personable and welcoming.  It appeared that everyone in the class enjoyed participating. The class even ended with a conga line. How great is that? I can not express enough how awesome the drum sessions class was! Loved it!” From the survey submitted by:  Vicki L. O’Neill NCMA, COHC, CWWS  AED Program Coordinator,  Health Promotions Coordinator,  NASA Occupational Health Clinic

Brain science and workplace development. Employees tend to play much better when not instructed as to how or what to play. The reason is, when faced with unfamiliar circumstances and no punitive consequences, employees will usually rely on their innate problem solving abilities, the ability to play music and rhythms that is inherent within all of us. As a professionally train Interactive Rhythm Event/Drum Circle Facilitator, I help everyone find their own personal rhythms to share with the group.

Corporate wellness research

Studies conducted by professionals in the fields of music therapy and mental health have shown that drumming can reduce tension, anxiety and stress, help control chronic pain, boost the immune system and release negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma.  Research shows that weekly or regular group empowerment drumming sessions provide these benefits in the long-term.  One study conducted by Remo HealthRHYTHMS(R) even concluded that regular sessions boosted immunity by increasing natural killer (NK) cell activity (just as they sound – cells able to bind to certain virus-infected cells and kill them) 

This was followed in 2003 with a study that demonstrated that recreational music making made significant improvements for multiple parameters associated with burnout mood states (including tension, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, fatigue and inertia) and total mood disorders in long-term care workers.  This continued for weeks after the program had finished.


Companies can implement drumming programs in a variety of ways:

  • weekly stress reduction drumming sessions after work
  • daily or weekly lunchtime programs
  • monthly workshops focused on certain topics – reducing stress, improving communication, finding more joy and intent in daily life
  • one-time or regular team-building sessions for certain departments
  • one-time or multi-session change management workshops during a challenging transition
  • a workshop at a conference other large event

Let’s get it Started!

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