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Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™

We provide Professionally Facilitated Drum Circles for Nursing homes, Schools, Corporations, Special Needs Groups, At-Risk Youth, Hospital Patients,Festivals, Nonprofit Organizations, Private parties,   Weddings, and Community based events.

www.DrumYourDream.com Provides Professional Drum Circle Facilitation for your organization or special event. Our group drumming can be a powerful vehicle for connecting the body, mind and spirit, supporting healing and transformation in the process. We create a safe, supportive environment in which participants can freely explore and play. Participants tap into their individual creativity and experience connection to the group, releasing inhibitions and experiencing true mental/physical benefits.

Drumming Fun for Everyone

Drum Your Dream with me.


1 thought on “Welcome to Drum Your Dream

  1. You have the most wonderful drum circle for the seniors.
    I attended one and I have never experience so much fun in my life and I don’t even know how to drum. The way you get everyone drumming is so easy you don’t have to know, and that is the best part. Whenever they bring us some entertainers they are ok but when they brought you to drum with us we were engaged in sharing our rhythms with everyone else. It really did feel like we were transformed into a real community. God bless you and we are looking forward to your next visit, real soon.

    Lisa Johnson

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