Drum Your Dream is about providing an uplifting, attention-getting, interactive drumming experience for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their musical abilities or age. We provide quality interactive rhythm based events for multi-generation groups in Communities, Education, Health and Corporate workplace environments. Through hands on music making and interactive performances, we seek to enhance teamwork, cultural appreciation, community spirit and most of all; we “Create Unity in the Community with Drum Circles.™”  We do this through the use of a Fun Filled Facilitated Drumming experience.  Each participant gets to share their own special unique beat with the group which connects everyone together.   And in doing so, we break the ice for first time  guests to become new friends with one another in the community and work environment.

 Drum Your Dream in the News

Chanel 8 News in Richmond Virginia

Story about Arthur Lopez from DrumYourDream.com Drum Circle.

By using Interactive Rhythm Engagement with Drums we provide:

  • Enrichment programs for children and youths
  • Recreational & wellness activities for senior centers
  • Community integration & involvement
  • Recreational drumming for workplace
  • Corporate team building/bonding programs for management executives

Arthur provides Professionally Facilitated Fun Filled Interactive Rhythm based Drumming Experiences for:

Nursing homes                                             Assisted Living homes

Corporate Team Building                           Teachers

Festivals                                                        Out Door Events

In Door Events                                             Nonprofit Organizations

Private parties                                              Weddings Celebrations

Community Building                                   Children Special Needs

At-Risk Youth                                               Hospital Patients,

Schools                                                         Colleges

Libraries                                                        Religious Celebrations

Spiritual Gatherings,                                   Community Drum Circles

Birthday Parties                                            Effective Stress Relief

Positive Team Building                                Culture & Diversity Training

Improve Employee Morale                           Increase Productivity

Build Self-esteem                                         Creative Bonding/Camaraderie

Enhance Cooperation                                  Develop Leadership Skills

Ice Breakers                                                  Product Launches

Conferences                                                 Entertainment

Fundraisers                                                  Celebrations

Anniversaries                                               Anytime you feel like drumming      

Diversity Awareness                                   Team Building for Schools


“Largest Drum Circle in the World”

Arthur Lopez Co-Founder of the “Largest Drum Circle in the World” For Peace and Global Unity Starting in Our Own Community™

This is an Annual World Wide event for Peace and Global Unity.  The idea is to use drums, as they have been doing so for thousands of years, to gather the community and plant the seeds of peace in the hearts and minds of all those who attend.  And by doing so, we hope that it may flourish and continue, long after the event is over, to propagate and inspire others to foster peace, in their own unique way.

www.LargestDrumCircleInTheWorld.comLDCin the world with led by arthurDYD

Our intent is to inspire people, from all over the world, who have hope for humanity, are willing to work towards peace and inspire others to do the same.


Arthur Lopez founder of DrumYourDream.com started in 2010 and evolved from the work that began in the Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle, a community based organization that formed Drum Circles events all over the Hampton Roads/ Tidewater area of Virginia.

Our trademark motto:
  “Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™”

Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, New Kent,  Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Gloucester, Hampton, Poquoson, Yorktown, James City, Suffolk, Goochland, Warsaw, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Hampton Roads, Tidewater Virginia Northeast Carolina and the United States

 Available for out-of-state Drum Circles fill the Contact info form for your request.