Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Your Dream Drum Circles.

We provide  Professionally Facilitated Fun Filled Drum Circles at your next Festivals, Parks, Company Picnics, Church Groups, Grand Openings and more.  I come with all the drums and other rhythm making instruments for all to use and share in making music in the moment. 
Check out the great solos of our youth at one of the Festivals.  There is nothing better than to be able to shine in the limelight for a few seconds and show off your special beats to everyone and no matter what you played you will be applauded. Remember, it is not what you played but that you dared take a chance to share something of yourself with the group. That in of itself is worth applauding for. I try to get as many participants to play a little solo even when they are shaking their heads not to be picked for the solo. When they are finished, and the crowd cheers right after, they end up with a smile on their face.  Festivals Parks Drum Circles

Through hands on music making and interactive performances, we seek to enhance cultural appreciation and community spirit, most of all; we Create Unity in the Community by the use of a Fun Filled Facilitated Drumming Circle experience, where everyone gets to share their Rhythm Spirit.  Each participant gets to share their own special unique beat with the group which connects everyone together.   And in doing so, we break the ice for first time guest to become new friends with one another in the community.

I get children as young as 3 and seniors as old as 101 years old, who have never played a drum before, to share their Rhythm Spirit in the Drum Circle.  This is a Rhythm Based activity where everyone is included and no one is excluded, even the physically disabled and mentally challenged.  

 Arthur Lopez at the Norfolk Scope Arena  pre-show  for the Virginia International Tattoo Hullabaloo Festival

     Tatttoo-Hullabalu Festival   Tatttoo-HullabaluW-0121 Tatttoo-HullabaluW-0123Tatttoo-HullabaluW-0122 Tatttoo Hullabalu-1480 Tatttoo Hullabalu-1476Tatttoo-HullabaluWC-0131Tatttoo-HullabaluW-0132

The enjoyment you get from this is not based on your ability to play but on your participation in a fun-filled activity that is shared with everyone. It is an excellent Ice Breaker, because it brings together strangers and lets them connect to one another with friendly fun rhythm making.  When we are done playing you will have a feeling of having connected with everyone and contributed in Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™


Drum Your Dream Drum Circles at the 25th Annual Newport News Park Children’s Festival and the King-Lincoln Park Day Festival

With a professional facilitator you are assured of having a successful Drum Circle at your Festival/Event.

At the Festival or Park, without a professional facilitator you are leaving to chance that everything will just happen and it usually doesn’t work that way.  Everyone starts to play and eventually a musical train wreck follows shortly thereafter. The experienced professionally trained facilitator is someone who can guide the group and keep the momentum/energy going strong.  Those who have never played before are encouraged to participate and share their unique contribution to making music in the moment.  By the end of the event, everyone will feel renewed and amazed in having experienced the joys of a Community Drum Circle.


World Arts Celebration Festival at City Center, Newport News

Drum Your Dream is about providing an uplifting, attention-getting, interactive drumming experience for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their musical abilities or age. We provide quality rhythm based events in Communities, Education, Assisted living and Corporate workplace environments. Through hands on music making and interactive performances, we seek to enhance teamwork, cultural appreciation and community spirit.  Most of all we are Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™ by the use of a Fun Filled Facilitated event, where everyone gets to share their Rhythm Spirit.  And in doing so, we break the ice for guests to become new friends with one another by connecting with everyone in the community. Festivals Parks Drum Circles


Chesapeake Bay Reggae Festival  

We got to make some new friends at the festival where we shared our rhythm spirit with everyone there.  This is one of the activities where everyone can come together Grandparents, Parents, Children and Grand children to connect with each other. Everyone is included and no one is excluded. And we love special needs kids, they are our favorite Drummers.

Our Special Friend Drumming Reggae Festival




“The Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle”    Led by Arthur Lopez of DrumYourDream.com , has been selected as the  official pre-show out-door Drum Circle for the Mickey Hart  “World Within Tour” performance. The Drum Circle was held in front of the NORVA Theater in Norfolk, Virginia on Thursday May 9, 2013.  Festivals Parks Drum Circles

Mickey Hart Band

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